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Hi… My name is Avdhesh Ghildiyal and I hail from the beautiful state of Uttarakhand, also called ‘Dev Bhoomi’. Though basically I belong to the Garhwal region but was born and raised in the modern city of Dehradun. Since my childhood, I have been very fond of travelling, especially to the mountains.

What I like about the mountains is the calmness and slow life, away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungles. Apart from these mountains, there are many attractions in India that magnetize nature, adventure, culture, and heritage lovers from all around the globe.

As I am a keen traveller who loves to explore various landscapes, and with the pace of time, for me, it became so interesting that motivated me to pursue my career in the same area. So, I did my post-graduation in tourism from IITTM, one of the premier institutions for travel and tourism studies. After my PG, I started working in the industry and gained more experience in this field. Also, from the year 2015 onwards, I started taking solo trips to multiple places, especially in Northern India. Also, as I wanted to share my experiences with other interested solo travellers, so here the inception of Budget Escapes took place.

Budget Escapes is a medium through which I discuss about a particular travel destination with complete information, to help those travellers who are planning a trip to that place. Here, I share my point of view for backpackers and budget travellers as well.

Overall, this is a complete guide to help those who are planning a budget trip within India. My efforts to bring the travel information will continue further so that more and more people can live their dream to travel within India.

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