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Dehradun Mussoorie Trek

Dehradun to Mussoorie Trek

Also known as ‘Rudyard Kipling Trail’, the trek from Dehradun to Mussoorie is the best means of getting to the hill station of Mussoorie as it detours the busy roads and takes you through the winding trail passing through the green forests. Rudyard Kipling, the renowned writer, once walked through this path to reach Mussoorie, that’s why this trail has got his name.

This trek is a paradise for nature lovers and bird watchers. It also offers spectacular views of the mountains and Doon valley. The path is semi-concreted and for the initial 3 km, it is steep all the way to the top. Once you cross half the way, you get mesmerizing views of the Doon valley and mountains on the backside.

This trail from Dehradun to Mussoorie is the oldest path and during British India, it was frequently used by the locals and officials to commute between the two towns. During that time, mini trucks or Gattus were used on this route to carry quarried limestone. In the middle of this trail, at Jharipani, travellers used to stop for refreshment breaks. Although, half of this trail is a bit steep but the views throughout the route are really awesome.

This trail is very much popular, but now unfortunately, due to good road connectivity and motor transportation between the two towns, it is hardly used by the locals today.


Starting point of the trek

Shehenshai Ashram, Old Rajpur Road in Dehradun is the nearest landmark to the point from where this trek begins. Once you reach Shehenshai Ashram, then walking few foots further you will see a board with a notice showing the direction for Mussoorie trek. You just have to continue further and after walking a while you will find an old toll barrier from where the trail begins.

How to reach the starting point of Dehradun to Mussoorie Trek?

If you have your own car or scooter/bike, then you have to drive towards the north from Dehradun city centre. From Clock Tower, you have to drive on Rajpur Road that also goes straight to Mussoorie (the present motorable road). After covering a distance of approx. 7 km, you reach Mussoorie diversion. The left one is the new route to Mussoorie while the straight one is an old route that also goes to Mussoorie via Rajpur. So, you have to drive straight.

3 km further there is another diversion. The left one is for Mussoorie and the straight one goes to Rajpur market. So, take a left turn from here and after a distance of 2.5 km, you will reach Shehenshahi Ashram. From here, you begin the walk to Mussoorie.

For those, who don’t have their own vehicle, you can take a direct city bus for Shehenshahi Ashram from Parade Ground, which is near to the clock tower in Dehradun. The fare in this bus would be around Rs. 15-20 per person.


Best Time

Dehradun to Mussoorie trek is among those trails that can be covered any day throughout the year. Although, during monsoons you may find some difficulty in taking this trek as sometimes it rains heavily in Dehradun and Mussoorie during the months of July and August. But, if the weather is clear, you can take this trek and complete it within 4-5 hrs.

Start a bit early in the morning from Dehradun and by evening, you can return back via same route.


The Trail - Dehradun to Mussoorie Trek

The trekking trail between Dehradun and Mussoorie was built during the British Era. Since then, the trail has been used to commute and transport goods from one town to another.

When you start climbing up on this route, for the first 3 km you will find it very difficult as it is too steep. This stretch is desolated too, there is no village in between. After covering these three kilometres you reach Doom Village in Jharipani. Take some rest here and you have a cup of tea in the nearby shop.

After Doom village, the path is on the metalled road. Continue your walk further passing through the winding roads. Passing through the Oak Grove School and walking further you also get to see some old buildings on this route, of which few of them have been converted into hotels/resorts.

Walking further for about 5-6 km you reach Chamba Bypass road. From here, take a further walk of around 3 km to reach the Library Chowk in Mussoorie.

Overall, this short day hiking tour between Dehradun and Mussoorie is fun filling, exciting and adventurous. It could be planned in weekends too. Also, it is meant for all segment of travellers – Solo backpackers to friends/family groups.

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